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Key Cornerstones for a sustainable M&A Success

Market environments and technologies change with increasing speed. Competitors with new value propositions change the rules of the game overnight and force companies to reorient themselves. A merger or a company takeover is often sought as a strategic solution.  A Herculean task for leaders and employees alike. What can executives and employees do to increase their chances of success? 

Contents (e.g.):

  • Powerful Positioning - What makes us unique
  • Success Factor Network - Why a new organization chart is not enough 
  • Others are always different - How curiosity helps create value
  • Common goals, common enemies - How a forward movement develops 
  • Self-leadership - How to navigate oneself through stressful times

Suggestion for lecture time: 50 minutes or 30 minutes ("high density" version)
Language: English or German

Every audience and every event is very special. Therefore, titles, contents and core messages are tailor-made to your specific objectives, after a detailed discussion with you.

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