Ulm After-Work Keynote

The "Ulm After-Work Keynote" is a compact, standardized lecture product with two alternative key topics: "Leadership" or "Easy Strategy". After the selection of the key topic no further tuning of contents with the client takes place. The After-Work Keynote takes place only between 18:30h and 21:00h - in Ulm, around Ulm, and around Ulm “herum”. ☺ 

The aim of the Ulm After-Work Keynote is to give small and medium-sized companies, as well as non-profit organizations with tight budgets, access to a high-quality and entertaining keynote.  The Ulm After-Work-Keynote is a small tribute of the speaker to his home area of choice: Ulm.

Lecture time: 40 minutes
Language: English or German 

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Uni Rosenheim, Bruno Hartmann
GSA, Bruno Hartmann
VDI, Bruno Hartmann
Clemson University, Bruno Hartmann