I help entrepreneurs make their firms survive the change of generations.

Generation change - A Herculean task for all

As a senior entrepreneur, would you like "your" company to continue to be run in your interests? As a junior manager, would you like to create new ideas, make your own decisions and try out new things? The transfer of responsibility in a family business from one generation to the next is a demanding task, which is not always easy and places great demands on everyone involved.

Which experiences from the past are still valid today? How many new ideas and approaches does a company need? How much continuity is necessary? The generation change in family businesses is a tightrope act with many exciting facets. What should we preserve and what should we change? Different people have different expectations. Role conflicts between family and company. Rational risk assessment in the field of tension with personal emotions. A Herculean task for all involved.

Nobody needs mediocre enterprises!

The use of a suitable mentor significantly increases the chances of a successful generation change. The focus should be on people and methodology. This is the only way to achieve an efficient arrival, reorientation and take off.

Bruno Hartmann is a mentor who combines many years of international management experience with pragmatism of a medium-sized company. He shares his expertise with entrepreneurial successors who want to grow step by step into big shoes. Over a period of 2 to 3 years, strategy is reviewed and management tools are sharpened. Areas of conflict in the new role within the family and company are being defused. Values and strengths are reflected, one's own personality is strengthened. Only if the strategy fits the entrepreneur can a company become the best in its segment. Your company should strive for this goal.

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"This book should become compulsory reading for all executives in our companies."

Dr. Heinz Ortner

This book is so valuable. I have ordered extra copies…

"Hartmann skips all the scientific derivations and quotes of other scripts. He writes out of real world and authentic experience. This book is so valuable. I have ordered extra copies, which I will hand to important executives and supervisory board members as an impulse to think about the required reshaping of our enterprise."

Klaus Peter H.

Interesting insights into the world of industry

"Bruno Hartmann simply has a refreshing way of handling such a specific topic like "change"."


Excellent book for hands-on leadership

"I was particularly impressed about the fact that a manager thinks about how to foster a thing like the soul of a company."

F. Spitzer

Very much to the point and diverting

"I wished I have had this book at the start of my career. It is well to the point and an absolute pleasure to read."

C. Burkhard

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