„Leaders don´t need Change Management!“

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How restructuring ashes turned us into becoming the world market leader: lessons learned from our amazing transformation journey.

Envied by competition, sought by customers

Does it feel good to emerge strengthened as a team from difficult situations and to play right at the front? To set an example of change and to redefine rules again and again? Yes, it does! It also feels good to be part of a unique leadership team that is not held back by departmental boundaries or complexity to be successful. That celebrates success. Doesn't everyone in the company enjoy being really profitable? Success is attractive, right?


Highly performant management teams are the driving force behind companies that hit a "dent in space". What makes them so special? Is it the way they focus on customer benefit? How they interact with each other and jointly forge robust business models? How they balance networks, team success and personal career? Bruno Hartmann shares this wealth of experience as a speaker and mentor. Do you want to be envied by competitors and sought after by customers? Is your team unique?

Top-notch speaker and down-to-earth engineer

Bruno Hartmann is one of few active German industry executives that open up their treasures of experience. His passion is helping craft leadership teams that make a difference. Leadership teams that are the backbone of corporate success. With a fine mix of transformation know-how, humour, and his own personal experiences and stories, Bruno touches even numbers-data-facts-driven listeners. No PowerPoint? You are welcome!


Renowned customers from industry, mid sizes companies, and banks give you the confidence of working with a top-notch speaker and down-to-earth engineer, who shares valuable impulses. Each keynote is individually tailored to the target audience. Bruno has helped shape the transformation of a medium-sized company into a modern technology group. He is an acting senior executive of a corporation that has evolved from restructuring ashes to world market leader, now enjoying iconic status.

Mastering The Tightrope

7 Leadership Lessons Taught by Life

(German Original: “Drahtseilakt Unternehmenswandel”)

This book helps managers and young professionals master the tightrope of rapidly changing markets, scarce resources and seemingly conflicting targets.

It includes personal contributions from CEOs Martin Richenhagen, AGCO Corporation, Stefan Kober, AL-KO Kober SE, and Dr. Stefan Sommer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.


Top customer reviews

Leaders to touch

"This book should become compulsory reading for all executives in our companies."

Dr. Heinz Ortner

This book is so valuable. I have ordered extra copies…

"Hartmann skips all the scientific derivations and quotes of other scripts. He writes out of real world and authentic experience. This book is so valuable. I have ordered extra copies, which I will hand to important executives and supervisory board members as an impulse to think about the required reshaping of our enterprise."

Klaus Peter H.

Interesting insights into the world of industry

"Bruno Hartmann simply has a refreshing way of handling such a specific topic like "change"."


Excellent book for hands-on leadership

"I was particularly impressed about the fact that a manager thinks about how to foster a thing like the soul of a company."

F. Spitzer

Very much to the point and diverting

"I wished I have had this book at the start of my career. It is well to the point and an absolute pleasure to read."

C. Burkhard

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Wer führen kann braucht kein Change Management!

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