Mastering Mergers and Transformations

Keynote Speaker for M&A, Change,
and Leadership Challenges

"Somehow you trigger more in your audience than you realize."

Are you looking for an effective speaker for a kick-off after a company merger? Are you about to make changes and want to release energy and a spirit of optimism in your team? Are you looking for a keynote speaker who will encourage and motivate?

Professional Keynotes for Merger, Change and Transformation

The biggest corporate takeover in history, the purchase of Mannesmann by Vodafone, is history. Part of my personal history. And just one of many changes, restructurings and transformations I have experienced. I can look back on an industrial career spanning over 30 years, in which I started out as an application engineer for drive technology in construction machinery and rose to management positions. For many years, I have been part of an impressive management team and a member of the Supervisory Board at Bosch Rexroth AG, a global market leader in industrial drive technology.

Implementing Change Effectively

As a keynote speaker, I specialize in mergers, transformations and leadership challenges. With storytelling, a fine balance of knowledge, humor and very personal practical experiences, I create a spirit of optimism and encourage people to take responsibility for change themselves. No PowerPoint? My pleasure. Well-known clients from industry, SMEs and banks give you the security of working with a professional speaker and down-to-earth engineer who provides even the most demanding audiences with valuable inspiration. Each of my keynotes is individually tailored to the target audience and the situation.

Bruno Live on Stage (please click on video)

Uni Rosenheim, Bruno Hartmann
GSA, Bruno Hartmann
VDI, Bruno Hartmann
Clemson University, Bruno Hartmann