Agile, and yet successful?

Why supposedly "old" virtues may help that agile transformations do not end in self-locking

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Strong Values

Impressions from Japan - Will Strong Values Help or Hinder the Chances for Succesful Transformation?

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Are You Looking for Perfect Harmony or Success?

A plea for a respectful culture of dispute on the way to top entrepreneurial performance

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How artificial intelligence and a Country singer reminded me of one of my most valuable lessons about decision making.

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Who needs cash?

Digital Transformation - Personal Impressions from the Chinese Hinterland

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Agility and the Longing for Leadership

“Agile teams” are currently on everyone's lips. In fact, many companies have problems with employee motivation and their ability to transform. Do proven management methods have a future? Or are "agile teams" the silver bullet for our companies´ transformation?

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Phase-out Model "Boss"?

Cultures are diverse, right? The same goes for leadership. The boss of the future will have to consider new aspects of leadership. But one thing remains: managers must contribute value to their employees in order to lead them to success. And this value may have many facets.

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Source of Power for Transformations: Your Company´s "Soul“

Why companies need more for digitization than tech-talk and Chief Digitalization Officers, and why table football and incense sticks are not enough to master the transformation

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How to judge an employee's performance?

The right salary adjustment is always a challenge for managers and a source of dissatisfaction on the employee side. Maybe the idea of this blog entry will help you next time you have to decide on a performance evaluation.

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"Big Data without Big Ideas is Big Bullshit"

About the gold-rush atmosphere and fears of the future with the Internet of Things

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Organizations also need the smart Lazy Ones

Do the classic profiles for promotion still fit? Do enterprises really just need well structured, diligent and logically thinking managers and associates? Or is there more?

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