Who Would Name A Baseball Team After A Clumsy Fish?

During my visit to Hiroshima I was reminded not to judge too quickly over other cultures without knowing the big picture. Are you sometimes too quick to judge, too?

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End of LockDown HomeOffice – How do we motivate associates to come back in the office?

In many of our firms the discussion is on: how to motivate our associates to come back to the offices. In our team something amazing happened last week....

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E-mail is Silver, Talking is Gold

An appeal to managers to communicate more intensively with their employees in LockDown HomeOffice right now.

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Why we should stop drinking from the syphon during Covid-19 Times

A not entirely serious look back at an extraordinary year 2020

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Crisis Mode Leadership: Bring Your "Samurai" Forward!

7 Tips for Executives on Their Way Through Difficult Times

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How to Keep Your Feet Grounded as a Leader

Honest "one-on-one" meetings almost do magic when it comes to staying in touch with reality

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Dear Greta: Push to Reset the World

If we had a school kid in our house, let´s name him Tom, these days he might write a letter like this to Greta Thunberg.

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Agile, and yet successful?

How supposedly "old" leadership tools may help that modern methods do not end in self-locking

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Strong Values

Impressions from Japan - Will Strong Values Help or Hinder the Chances for Succesful Transformation?

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Are You Looking for Perfect Harmony or Success?

A plea for a respectful culture of dispute on the way to top entrepreneurial performance

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