Beyond Tech-Talk and Table Foosball

Success factors on the way into a digital world

"What does our digitization strategy look like?", is currently being discussed by many board members, supervisory boards and management teams. Is this the right question? Is it really about digital transformation? Or rather, how can we create innovation and use the new technical possibilities to generate value for customers, our companies and our employees? Digital transformation is not an end in itself.

Contents (e.g.):

  • Customer benefit - Why strategic positioning is so important
  • Expert network - How old and young create new business models together
  • Innovation - What it takes to make it happen
  • Unknown Terrain - How analog leadership teams master digital times
  • Corporate soul - How a common identity unleashes the power of change


Suggestion for lecture time: 50 minutes or 30 minutes ("high density" version)
Language: English or German

Every audience and every event is very special. Therefore, titles, contents and core messages are tailor-made to your specific objectives, after a detailed discussion with you.

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