Digital Times Call for Analog Executives

In a world of change, leadership becomes the key factor for a successful corporation. The lecture makes you want to further develop your own organization and master emerging areas of tension together. It shows some of the essential mechanisms of modern leadership, including how to find the right balance between creativity and process, and how to apply management methods and emotion in the appropriate dose, and use the „corporate soul“ as a power pole for change.

Contents (e.g.):

  • Strategic reorientation - How positioning creates momentum
  • Respect - Why nothing works without it
  • Human Success Factor - Why digital times need analog leadership teams
  • Overload at network nodes - How we keep top performers as top performers
  • Search for meaning - How we don't lose the soul of our company despite change

Suggestion for lecture time: 50 minutes or 30 minutes ("high density" version)
Language: English or German

Every audience and every event is very special. Therefore, titles, contents and core messages are tailor-made to your specific objectives, after a detailed discussion with you.

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