Leaders don´t need Change Management

Shaping the future is more fun than being a victim

Experts estimate that at least two thirds of all change projects fail. Now our companies are hit by digital transformation with a broadside. Some companies feel overwhelmed. Others try to break down silos and try to become "agile". Employees are afraid to miss the boat. But in private: Grannies post photos about whattsapp, dads like the connected home, and mothers program the high-tech kitchen aid. Why, on the other hand, do we have such a hard time with change in our companies?

Contents (e.g.):

  • Customer focus - How we create a culture of constant renewal
  • Networks - How everyone in a company can make a difference
  • Innovation - What it takes to make it happen
  • Being a victim? - Why there's always a „more fun“ alternative
  • Unsolvable tasks? - Why don´t we cut our elephant into slices?

Suggestion for lecture time: 50 minutes or 30 minutes ("High Density" version)
Language: English or German

Every audience and every event is very special. Therefore, titles, contents and core messages are tailor-made to your specific objectives, after a detailed discussion with you.

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